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Building Department

The Building Department administers the building and construction regulations and associated laws of the Commonwealth and County, in a courteous, responsive, and professional manner, contributing to the safety, well being and general interest of citizens.

Services provided by the Building Department include:

- Review and Issuance of Building Permits and Associated Plans

- Administration and Enforcement of The Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code

- Performing Code Related Building Inspections

- Issuance of Certificates of Occupancy

- Responding to Building Code Related Questions

County Inspectors do not act as project managers or job site superintendents for construction projects.  They inspect for minimum compliance with Virginia law, but we do not inspect for aesthetic of contractual compliance.


At its meeting of June 9, 2015, the Northampton County Board of Supervisors adopted the following changes to the Building Code Ordinance:

That the Refunds section under Services and Surcharges be amended to read as follows:

                 Services and Surcharges


Refunds; base fees are non-refundable.  Refunds beyond base fee permits for work beyond rough-in inspection are non-refundable.

90% - No work started
75% - Below grade work only
40% - Rough-in inspection only

75% of permit fees when approved by the Building Official and when requested in writing by the permit holder in the event of revocation, abandonment or discontinuance of project.

That three (3) new Fees be added under the Services and Surcharges section as follows:

                Services and Surcharges


Lifting of a stop-work order fee


Not ready for inspection/No entry fee


2nd Plan Review fee



These changes became effective June 10, 2015.


A word about Taxes ...

Public Notice

In accordance with the 2012 Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC), Section 107.1.2, the Northampton County Building Department will refund 75% of permit fees when approved by the Building Official and when requested in writing by the permit holder in the event of revocation, abandonment or discontinuance of project.

Northampton County
Building Department
P.O. 538
Eastville, VA 23347
Phone: (757) 678-0445
Fax: (757) 678-0483


Please be advised, effective 7/1/2011, Northampton County will start collecting building permit fees at the time the application is submitted.

It is our desire to streamline our procedure and save you unnecessary trips into the office.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and working with us through this new process.

If you live in a town

If you live in a town, please contact your town administrator to see their individual procedures.

Eastville- (757) 678-5183
Nassawadox- Please contact Mayor Estelle Murphy, acting Zoning Administrator.
Exmore- (757) 442-3114 ex 13
Belle Haven- (757) 710-2722

These towns handle all zoning and building:

Cape Charles - (757) 331-3259
Cheriton - (757) 331-8200

When are Permits Required

How to Apply for a Permit

How to Schedule an Inspection

What Codes are Used?

Certificates of Occupancy

Policy Statements

Download Forms [Includes Permit Application Forms]

Building Permit Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Staff and Contact Information

John Outten
Building Official

Jennifer Sayers
Permit Technician

Northampton County
Building Department

PO Box 66
16404 Courthouse Road
Eastville, VA 23347

Phone: 757-678-0445
Fax: 757-678-0483

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