Circuit Court

Clerk of Circuit Court

The Clerk Court Clerk is an elected official for a term of eight years, responsible for administration of the Northampton County Circuit Court through a variety of judicial, non-judicial and fiscal activities. Judicial functions include processing all criminal and civil cases coming before the Court, providing staff to the Judge during all trials and hearings. In addition, the Clerk's staff prepares records, maintains court orders, subpoenas and pleadings, and manages the Court's docket and juries. Non-judicial functions of the Clerk's office include admitting or denying wills to probate, qualifying executors and guardians, and recording all land records, deeds, powers of attorney and real estate transactions. The office also processes and records judgments, financing statements, marriage licenses, passports and concealed weapons permits, and handles a variety of appointments. The Clerk's fiscal responsibilities are to provide for the maintenance and investment of Trust and Condemnation funds, as well as collection of court fines, real estate transfer fees, recordation taxes, and other fees authorized by statute.


  1. To provide maintenance of court-related records.
  2. To provide the public with an effective means of recording and accessing information related to the County's land records.
  3. To properly and efficiently provide non-judicial services to the general public.



The Clerk of the Circuit Court is a Constitutional Official and is elected by the voters of the locality and every Circuit Court in the Commonwealth of Virginia is a court of record. The Clerk of Court is charged with the custody, safekeeping and proper indexing of legal and quasi-legal papers deposited in her office.

The Clerk's Office is responsible for filing of all civil suits; docketing and filing of criminal actions; filing divorce suits; and filing adoption petitions. Additional services provided by the Clerk's office include recording land records and plats; probating wills; issuing hunting and fishing licenses; processing notary public applications; issuing marriage licenses; recording military discharge forms (DD-214's) and assumed business names.

It is the duty of the Clerk to assign a deputy clerk to each courtroom to assist the Circuit Court Judge in carrying out each day's activities.

Plat Maps

Looking for a plat map? Plat maps are very specific and are properties that have been surveyed. These are legally recorded with the Clerk of Court who also has copies of the deed.

Oldest Continuous Court Records in America

We are the home of the Oldest Continuous Court Records in America! Continuous from 1632 through today!

We encourage visitors and genealogists to come and research these national treasures.
Records room is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding state holidays.

Exploring the Oldest Continuous Court Records in America (3MB)(PDF)

Military DD-214

Information on where to file your DD-214 and the fees associated with recording it.

Where do I file my Military Discharge DD-214?

The DD-214 is filed in the Virginia Beach Circuit Court Clerk's Office if you reside in . If you are not a resident of Virginia Beach, the DD-214 is filed in the city/county wherein you reside.

What should I bring with me to record the DD-214?

Bring the original or properly authenticated copy of either the discharge certificate or the report of separation from active duty (Department of Defense Document DD-214).

Is there a fee for filing the DD-214?

No, the Clerk's Office does not charge a filing fee and provides up to three copies of the DD-214 at no charge.

Assumed Name Certificate

The Circuit Court Clerks Office records assumed business names.

  • $10.00 to record with the Circuit Court
  • $2.50 for each certified copy

Department Staff Information

Hon. Traci L. Johnson, Clerk

Northampton County Circuit Court
5229 The Hornes
P.O. Box 36
Eastville VA 23347-0036

Office: 757-678-0465
Fax: 757-678-5410

Susie B. Sample
Deputy Clerk
Land Records

Lauren M. Brown
Deputy Clerk
Civil Division

Connie H. Wilson
Deputy Clerk
Financial and Probate

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