Volunteer Fire and Rescue Stations

Community Fire Co. Exmore Volunteer Now


Station 17 Fire TrucksThe Volunteer Fire and Rescue Stations of Northampton County are primarily provided by a dedicated group of volunteers, supplemented by career EMS employees. There are three (3) volunteer fire stations, two (2) combination fire & EMS stations and one (1) EMS station located in the County.

First responders responsible for fire suppression provide an array of emergency services to the community. They include light and heavy rescue, vehicle extrication, water rescue, hazardous materials, EMS first responder, and other non-emergency activities.

Thank you to all the dedicated men and women volunteer firefighters who train and work many hours to keep our community safe.

Fundraisers are held throughout the year to keep the company trained and the equipment up to date. Check our calendar page for the 'Fire Stations Fundraisers" category to view all the fundraising events dates and times.  

Please show your support for the Volunteer Fire and Rescue Stations that serve our community!

Photo Credit: Helene Doughty

Northampton County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Stations

Station  Department  Address  City  Phone   Chief/Captain President 
 13 Community Fire Co.   3356 Main St  Exmore   757-442-7813 Chief Greg DeYoung   Tommy Lewis 
 14 Cheriton Vol Fire Co.  4083 Sunnyside Rd  Cheriton  757-331-1555  Chief Tommy Moore   Danielle Romero 
 15 Cape Charles Vol Fire Co  501 Mason Ave  Cape Charles  757-331-2826  Chief Jay Bell  Bill Powell 
16  Northampton Fire & Rescue   10239 Pine St  Nassawadox  757-442-9365  Chief Jim LeCato  Jim LeCato 
 17 Eastville Vol Fire Co  16453 Courthouse Rd  Eastville  757-678-7503  Chief Glen Richardson   Tim Baylis 
 19 Cape Charles Rescue Service  22215 South Bayside Rd  Cheriton 757-331-2392  Captain Bradley  Frank Signorelli 

View a Map of the Fire Districts (PDF)

Eastville Volunteer Fire Co.
Photo Courtesy of Eastville Volunteer Fire Co. Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/eastvillevolunteerfireco/

Two firefighters put out a controlled burn                            EVFC
Photo via Northampton Fire & Rescue Facebook page             High Fives after a long day. Photo credit Helene Doughty 
Chris Nottingham and Jim Lecato work together
to put out a controlled burn.

For more information on each Station and how you might become a volunteer, please visit their websites/social media pages. 


Station 13 Community Fire Co.
3356 Main ST Exmore , VA
Community Fire Co., Inc Facebook page 

Fight For Your Community. Volunteer Now Community Fire Co. Exmore

Exmore Christmas Parade
Photo via Community Fire Co., Inc Facebook page
Santa is ready to ride in the Annual Exmore Christmas Parade

Exmore Fire Truck
Photo via Community Fire Co., Inc Facebook page
The new appartus for Station 13


Station 14 Cheriton Vol Fire Co 
4083 Sunnyside RD Cheriton, VA
Cheriton Volunteer Fire Co. Facebook page

"Join us weekly Bingo, held every Tuesday at 7:30pm, or come out to one of our monthly dinners where you’re sure to get your fill of some of the best food around while supporting your local fire company. Other ways to support CVFC are our yearly Cheriton Day Event, Cherrystone Bingo during the summer months, and other special events throughout the year. " 

Cheriton Station 14 on a fire call
Photo credit: Helene Doughty
Cheriton Station 14  and Eastville Station 17 answer the call to a wheat field fire. 

Responding to a wheat field fire
Photo credit: Helene Doughty
The volunteer fire stations work together to put out a wheat field fire. 


Station 15 Cape Charles Vol Fire Co
501 Mason AVE Cape Charles, VA
Cape Charles Volunteer Fire Co. Facebook page

Spring Flea Market
Cape Charles Volunteer Fire Co. Carnival

Cape Charles ladder truck
Photo via Cape Charles Volunteer Fire Co. Facebook page

Cape Charles VFC Carnival
Carnival time!
Photo via Cape Charles Volunteer Fire Co. Facebook page


Station 16 Northampton Fire & Rescue
 10239 Pine ST Nassawadox, VA
Website: https://www.nfr16.net/ 
Northampton Fire & Rescue Facebook page

Eastern Shore Trail Ride: http://easternshoretrailride.com/
Bingo (first Sunday of the month)

Photo via Northampton Fire & Rescue Facebook page
Northampton Fire & Rescue teach schoolchildren about fire safety.

ES Trail Ride
Photo via Northampton Fire & Rescue Facebook page
The Eastern Shore Trail Ride held in the Spring and Fall is a big draw for riders all over the Mid-Atlantic. 


Station 17 Eastville Vol Fire Co
16453 Courthouse RD
Eastville, VA
EVFC Station 17 website
Eastville VFC Facebook page

"Events and fundraisers include Saturday Bingo, Cherrystone Campground Bingo, Cherrystone Campground Haunted House, Game Day Wings and an annual Oyster Roast."

Photo via Eastville VFC Facebook page
Station 17 working as a team to put out a fire. 

Eastville VFC Oyster Roast
Photo via Eastville VFC Facebook page
Eastville Station 17 Oyster Roast



Station 19 Cape Charles Rescue Service
 22215 South Bayside RD
Cheriton, VA
Cape Charles Rescue Facebook page

Cape Charles Rescue Service
Photo via Cape Charles Rescue Facebook page