Officer of Election Materials

Welcome Officers of Election!

This is your page for all the forms and training materials that you will need to serve voters on Election Day.

This page will be updated with instructional videos and more Election Day docs and instructions, so please sign up for the email alerts, or check back before the election!

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Training Videos

We are still in the process of making all the videos. Below are some of the videos that we are adding as we make them. They do not fully explain all steps yet. We will continue to make new videos and post them as we do going into the election.

The OVO and OVI videos are complete. More videos to come!

Unpacking and Assembling OVO for Election Day


Unpacking and Assembling OVI on Election Day


Opening the Voting Machine/ OVO 


Operating the OVO While the Polls are Open


Operating the OVI for Voters

Shutting Down the OVO

Breaking Down and Packing the OVO & OVI After the Election