The Northampton County Board of Supervisors is urging all of the residents and businesses in the County to take all necessary precautions in dealing with the coronavirus crisis. The goal is to slow down the outbreak to prevent infection among the at-risk populations, including the elderly and people who are immune compromised, and to avoid stressing our health care system.

As we practice social distancing here on the Eastern Shore,  you can assume that all events are postponed or cancelled until further notice. It may also include certain service centers and businesses. If you have a question about a particular place you will need to reach out to them directly.

The calendar can be sorted into categories for your convenience. Please click on "Category" at the top of the Calendar to access the drop down list and find the category you'd like to highlight. Then click on the magnifying glass next to it to see the search results.

You can undo the category listings by clicking on the X or Clear All. 

For more detailed information about these events, please hover over the event and/or click on the event to open.  Some dates may display a +1 (or any number). Click on the date to see all the events for that day. 

Please note: Events are subject to change. 

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To receive notifications on added events or events that have changed,  please subscribe to the Calendar. Click on the Share icon on the right hand corner of the calendar. Click "Subscribe to email alerts" and follow the prompts. You can also choose how often you'd like to receive notifications.

Subscribe to email alerts on the calendar

Screen shot of calendar email alert subscription icon.