Virginia is for Learners School Supply Drive

Virginia is for Learners Supply Drive
Posted on 07/22/2019
Virginia is for Learners

 Time To Be Kind
(Principal of Kiptopeke Elementary School, Subrina Parker- right forefront)
Photo credit: William Dyas
Northampton County Public Schools administrators, teachers and volunteers offer Northampton County students a wonderful education with many opportunities for students and families to learn and grow together. TIME TO BE KIND and show Northampton County Public Schools some LOVE.  Please consider donating school supplies so our dedicated teachers don't have to go out of their own pockets. 

Show Some Love For Northampton County Teachers …Virginia Is For Learners Drive

Did you know that every year teachers spend money- lots of money! - out of their own pocket to buy supplies for their students? Northampton County Public Schools (NCPS), School Board member, Nancy Proto, adds that "our teachers do this and more every year even though they are the lowest paid in the Tidewater Region."

Reading books together
To help offset the cost of supplies needed each year for the Northampton County classes, please support the Virginia is for Learners campaign. This campaign, which is part of the Cape Charles “Summer of LOVE” event being held July 6 through August 24, is one of many events planned this summer in recognition of the 50-year anniversary of Virginia is for Lovers. 

Photo credit: William Dyas

Here's how you can help!

Purchase some of the supplies that teachers need and deposit them in one of the special Virginia is for Learners boxes. Some of the supplies needed include:
 #2 pencils
dry erase markers
 3-subject notebooks
glue sticks
and back packs
For a complete list of supplies, email Cape Charles Main Street ( with "Request List of School Supplies" in the subject line or visit

Outdoor Storytime
Librarian, Sharon Silvey of Cape Charles Memorial Library reads to the students of KES at the outdoor amphitheater the students built on their school campus. Photo Credit: William Dyas

Readers will also find a list of supplies posted on the boxes which can be found in the following locations:
Rayfield’s Pharmacy
Cape Charles Memorial Library
Brown Dog Ice Cream and
Cape Charles Candy Store 
Items collected will be gathered throughout the event, stored and distributed to the Northampton County Public Schools in the beginning of the school year.

Don't have time to shop? You can also make a monetary donation. To do this, visit the Northampton County Education Foundation website. Click on "Donate" in the upper right corner. Provide “Donor Information." Scroll to "Direct My Donation" and click to access drop-down menu and click on "See My Selection Below." Type "Virginia is for Learners" in the space provided and complete your transaction.

Linda Schulz, Chair of the Northampton County Education Foundation, states that "it is the Foundation's vision to help facilitate an environment where the community, including businesses, social organizations, parents and government entities continuously engage in efforts to ensure excellence in teaching and student learning in Northampton County Public Schools. This campaign is very much in keeping with that vision." All funds collected through the Foundation for “Virginia is for Learners” will be used to purchase supplies for the Northampton County Public Schools.

Art Rocks the Inns August 18, 2019On Sunday, August 18 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., during the annual "Art Rocks the Inns” Art Show, not only will the porches and lawns of the Cape Charles Bed and Breakfasts be filled with local artisans, but the properties will also have collection boxes for supplies to help Northampton County teachers have a great start to the school year. The event is free but a donation to the Virginia is for Learners project is welcome! To follow details about the event and see a line-up of participating artists, follow the event on Facebook at Art Rocks the Inns.

Summer of LoveThis campaign is one of many events planned this summer in recognition of the 50-year anniversary of Virginia is for Lovers. For more information about more events planned for the "Summer of LOVE," go to the Cape Charles by the Bay website at