Reassessment Notices

Reassessment Notices Are in the Mail
Posted on 02/04/2020

Aerial view of Northampton County, VA
Aerial view of Northampton County, VA 
Photo credit: Gordon Campbell @At Altitude

The Northampton County Commissioner of the Revenue's office has completed the reassessment values of all real property in Northampton County, Virginia. Notices are currently being mailed and should be arriving to you mailbox by February 10, 2020. 

A reassessment is a mass appraisal process which values a large number of properties. Northampton County conducts reassessments on a biennial basis. 

As of January 1, 2020 new reassessment values go into effect.  Carefully review, the reassessment letter and value of your propertyAny property owner aggrieved by the reassessment of their property will need to fill out a Reassessment Appeal Form
Administrative appeals are being held at this time. The first level of appeal will be to the County Appraiser.

Property owners may mail, e-mail, or fax the 'Reassessment Appeal Form' to the Commissioner of the Revenue's office.

Northampton County Commissioner of Revenue
PO Box 65
16404 Courthouse Road
Eastville, VA 23347

Telephone: 757-678-0446
Email: Charlene Gray, Commissioner of Revenue
Todd Simpson, Real Estate Appraiser

Hours of Operation
9 AM - 5 PM

After its review, a determination will be made. Any aggrieved parties may then further appeal to the Board of Equalization or the Northampton County Circuit Court. 

More information can be found at the Commissioner of Revenue's Reassessment page.