DSS Annual Christmas Assistance

Holiday/Toy Assistance Program
Posted on 09/15/2021


September 15, 2021

Dear Parents:

This year the Northampton Salvation Army and the Northampton Department of Social Services will be coordinating a Holiday/Toy Assistance Program. Because of Covid-19, the support that we can provide to families is very different from previous years. To receive assistance, you must complete the attached application and return it to the Northampton County Department of Social Services by October 29, 2021. No applications will be taken after that date. The Department has a drop box and additional applications will be available at the department at the entrance.

The Holiday/Toy Assistance Program is open to youth living in Northampton County who are between the ages of 0 - 11. Your family unit must be receiving SNAP (Food Stamps) or TANF. The community will be asked to purchase clothing, age-appropriate toys or gift cards redeemable at Walmart. If a gift card is purchased for your child, the gift card can only be used to purchase children’s clothing. Age-appropriate toys will be selected by volunteers. Families will not be selecting the toys this year so please indicate age-appropriate toys on the application for your child or children.

You will receive your items on December 14 and 15 at the former Northampton Middle School on Young Street in Machipongo. You will be assigned a time to pick up your items on December 14. When you arrive, volunteers will place your items in your car and ask you to sign for the gift card(s) that you may receive. The Holiday Assistance program is open to ONLY children who are a member of a family that receives TANF or SNAP (Food Stamps). If you do not come at the assigned time, you will need to come on December 15 during the time we are open.

To sign your children up for the Holiday Assistance program, please complete the information on the attached sheet, sign it and return it to Northampton County Department Social Services. If your child is 12 years old by Christmas, they will not be eligible for either program. Only one (1) form per family (listing all eligible children) should be completed. Forms must be returned before October 29, 2021 to receive Holiday Assistance. You will receive a post card letting you know the DAY AND TIME you should pick up your toys/gift cards.

I hope that your children are doing well in school. Please call our office if you have any questions.

Mozella Francis, Director 

2021 Northampton County Christmas Assistance Application