Increased Tax Exemption Limits

Northampton County Increases Tax Exemption Limits for Elderly & Handicapped Persons
Posted on 07/27/2022


Northampton County is pleased to announce that the Board of Supervisors has increased the exemption eligibility criteria limits for Elderly and Handicapped Persons participating in the Elderly & Handicapped Exemption Ordinance related to payment of their real estate taxes. Due to the historic increase in real property assessments for Tax Year 2022, the Board has amended its ordinance which can provide up to $1,000 exemption in real estate taxes for elderly and/or handicapped persons participating in the program.

In order to apply for this program, residents must complete an application available from the Commissioner of the Revenue not later than August 31, 2022. To receive an application form, please call the Commissioner’s Office at 757-678-0446.