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Northampton County is the southern 35 miles of a 70 mile long stretch of the Delmarva Peninsula known as Virginia's Eastern Shore. "The Shore" as it is affectionately named, is cradled by the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay or what is known locally as Bayside and Seaside. The Seaside, in particular, contains the largest island wilderness chain on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.

The Shore is a place that has somehow managed to remain relatively unchanged through the times. Its pristine condition is mainly a result of the surrounding waters of the Chesapeake Bay and the County's isolation to large East Coast metropolises such as Virginia's Tidewater Area (Virginia Beach & Norfolk). Generations of families have been left to their own and have created a rich tradition of living off the land through farming and fishing. For centuries a unique harmony, between mankind and nature, has evolved from these circumstances.

Northampton County's central location on the Eastern Seaboard places it less than a 1 day drive from areas such as New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

Northampton County contains numerous natural and cultural sites, including two large public parks, Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge and Kiptopeke State Park, located at the southern end of the county. Historic townships, such as Eastville, Cheriton and Cape Charles contain buildings that speak to over 350 years of architectural design in the United States.

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Public Notice

The Northampton County Wetlands Board will meet Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. in the Board Chambers located at 16404 Courthouse Road in Eastville, VA, for the purpose of considering the following wetlands/coastal primary sand dunes matter under public hearing and to conduct regular business.

VMRC 2014-0725: The Johnathan Philip/Deborah Gordo Joint Revocable Living Trust has applied to install approximately 200 feet of stone breakwater in the intertidal area of their property, between the existing rip rap revetment & the MLW mark. Approximately 1,800 cubic yards of quality sand nourishment will be placed behind the breakwater to an elevation of +4. The breakwater will be constructed of armor stone with a core of class I rip rap stone. The property is located at 3256 Sunset Way and is described as Tax Map 28, double circle 5, parcel 2A, located along the Chesapeake Bay in the Sunset Shores Subdivision in Machipongo.

VMRC 2014-0925: Leigh & Pauline Hagan and Tom & Margaret Waller wish to address shoreline erosion control by building approximately 80 feet +/- and refurbishing approximately 10 to 12 feet of rip rap revetment.  The revetment will vary in height according to the bank height.  The toe of the structure will be installed landward of the marsh fringe.  The properties are described as Tax Map 1A, double circle 5, parcel 18 located at 2723 Old Neck Road and Tax Map 1A, double circle 5, parcel 17 located at 2681 Old Neck Road, near Exmore.

VMRC 2014-0848:Jeff Rudden, et als have applied to install a 258 foot long replacement bulkhead with a stone toe to prevent further erosion. The bulkhead will be tied into the existing return wall on the southern adjacent lot; angled approximately 45 degrees before running north to end of eroded area, with a second 45 degree wall, then returning west to meet the existing bulkhead on the subject property. The property is described as Tax Map 18C, double circle 1, parcel E, located along the Chesapeake Bay south of Silver Beach near Nassawadox Point on Chesapeake Drive.

The Board will assemble at 8:00 a.m. in the County Planning & Zoning Office located at 16404 Courthouse Road in Eastville, VA, and proceed to the property described above in order to conduct a field inspection.

Anyone interested in the above matter should attend the scheduled public hearing. The application may be viewed in the Planning & Zoning Department located at 16404 Courthouse Road in Eastville, Va. Written comments can be submitted to the Dept. of Planning & Zoning, P.O. Box 538, Eastville, VA 23347.

Handicapped Assistance Available: Please call (757) 678-0440 extension 516 at least 48 hours in advance.


Public Notice

The Northampton County Joint Industrial Development Authority (JIDA)

Regularly scheduled meetings will be on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 9:15a.m.

Meeting Location
16404 Courthouse Road, Eastville
Northampton County Administration, Upstairs Conference Room #201

Public Notice

The Northampton County Planning Commission will meet on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Chambers located at 16404 Courthouse Road in Eastville, Va., for the purpose of conducting regular business and a public hearing on the following matter.

A. Special Use Permit 2014-08: Wood Lee Terrace Development Co., MCM Cape Charles, LLC has applied to expand an existing 965 gallon per day drainfield to a 2165 gallon per day mass drainfield to accommodate the addition of a 2,580 square foot Veterinary Clinic at 22491 Lankford Highway, in the Food Lion Shopping Center. The property contains 2.37 acres and is identified as Tax Map 84, double circle 4, parcel D and is zoned EB, Existing Business.

The Northampton County Board of Supervisors will also conduct a public hearing on the above items on Tuesday, August 12th at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Chambers.
The application will be on file and open to public inspection in the office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors and in the Department of Planning & Zoning located at 16404 Courthouse Road, Eastville, VA. Anyone wishing to comment on the above item is invited to attend the meetings and make their comments known. Written comments can be submitted to the Dept. of Planning & Zoning at P.O. Box 538, Eastville, VA 23347.
Handicapped assistance available: Please telephone (757) 678-0440, extension 516 at least 48 hours in advance.

Public Notice

Regular meetings of the Ad-Hoc Emergency Care Committee will be held at 3:00 pm in the Main Conference Room (second floor) of the County Administration Building, 16404 Courthouse Road, Eastville, Virginia, on the following dates. The public is invited to attend.

July 24, 2014
August 28, 2014
September 12, 2014

Community Meeting

The public is cordially invited to attend a “Community Meeting” concerning the Northampton Middle School Renovation Project.

This meeting will be held on Thursday, July 10, 2014, from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the former Northampton Middle School located at 7247 Young Street, Machipongo, Va.

The County’s architectural/engineering firm, DJG, Inc., will be in attendance to lead the discussion and solicit comments associated with this project. The intent of the meeting is to assist in the development of a master plan for the re-use of this facility. Preliminary planning envisions extensive renovation of the structure, up to and including demolition of portions of the building.

Northampton County's Adopted FY15 Annual Budget

FY15 Budget Resolution

Northampton County's Adopted FY15 Annual Budget

2014 Summer Rabies Vaccination

Sponsored By:
Participating Eastern Shore Veterinarians
in cooperation with the
Accomack and Northampton Sheriff’sDepartments
and the Eastern Shore Health District

Click HERE for more details!


Northern Northampton County
Ground Water Summit

The Eastern Shore of Virginia Ground Water Committee Presents a Free, Public Educational Event Summarizing the Specific Ground Water Conditions for Eastville, Nassawadox, Exmore & surrounding areas.

Click here for more information.

Public Notice

The County of Northampton, pursuant to  the authority granted by Va. Code Ann. §15.2-906,  hereby notifies the following property owners and lien holders that there is located on their property a building, wall or other structure which might endanger the public health or safety of other residents of the County, and that if the owner and or/ lien holder of such property fails to remove, repair or secure the building, wall or other structure, within thirty (30) days of this publication, the County may remove the structure or make necessary repairs.
In the event the County, through its own agents or employees, removes repairs or secures any building, wall or any other, the cost or expenses thereof shall be chargeable to and paid by the owners of such property and may be collected by the County as taxes are collected. 

Property Owner

Lien Holder

Property Address

Shore Hospitality LLC c/o Peacock Holdings VA LLC


Tax Map 00112-0A-00-013

29140 Lankford Hwy

Onley, Louis c/o Onley, Louis Jr


Tax Map 00013-01-00-025 

5155 Saltworks Rd

Howell, Arlenia F (dec’d) c/o Isureal Mondray


Tax Map 00077-0A-00-060

5202 Cobb’s Station Rd

Johnson, William L. Jr


Tax Map 00015-0A-00-178

10332 Harevalley Dr

Greg R. O’Bier


Tax Map 00085-0A-00-039

22128 Raymond Ln

Riley, Thomas E. & Arline P


Tax Map 00013-0A-00-030

5191 Saltworks Rd

Jones, Larry


Tax Map 0015C-0A-00-02B

6160 Lankford Hwy

Lewis, Dorothy etals c/o Tolliver, Barbara


Tax Map 0015C-0A-00 -001

6172 Lankford Hwy

21st Century Investment Corp c/o Mother Willis


Tax Map 00112-0A-00-071

4224 Kiptopeke Dr

Brickhouse, Robert L. (dec’d) c/o Godwin, Juanita B


Tax Map 0015C-01-00-000CB

5539 Bayside Rd

Godwin, Juanita B & Brickhouse, Robert Lee, Brickhouse, Roscoe


Tax Map 0015D-03-00-001 

6071 Bayside Rd

Questions regarding this public notice please contact the Code Compliance Department at (757) 678-5296.


Proposed 2014 Northampton County Zoning Code text and map
Proposed Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas text and map

Notice is hereby provided that the County of Northampton Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission will hold a joint public hearing at the Northampton High School auditorium located at 16041 Courthouse Road, Eastville, VA 23347, on March 11, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. The purpose of the meeting is to review comprehensive amendments proposed to the Northampton County Zoning Code.

Documents related to the March 11, 2014 Public Hearing

March 11, 2014 Power Point Presentation (7.1MB)


Ad-hoc Emergency Care Committee - Information

Press Release

Ad-hoc Emergency Care Committee report to Board 2-6-14 - revised HBC

Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc.

Many Americans can now enroll in affordable health insurance plans through the new Health Insurance Marketplace at Enrollment specialists based at Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc. centers have been trained to help Eastern Shore of Virginia residents evaluate options and enroll in affordable health insurance plans through the Marketplace.

The Marketplace offers private health insurance.

Every private insurance plan in the Marketplace will offer comprehensive coverage, from doctors to medications to hospital visits.

If you need assistance contact a specialist at a Rural Health center near you:

Allison @ Atlantic & Chincoteague @ 824-5676 x637
Meghan @ Bayview & Franktown @ 442-4819 x362
Ellen @ Onley @ 787-7374 x767

2013 Reassessment Values

To check your 2013 reassessment click the link below:

2013 Reassessment Book (PDF 6.8MB)



Payments for Real Estate and Personal Property taxes can be made at Official Payments website.


Northampton County Low Lying Areas

Map of Northampton County Low Lying Areas


Land Use Information and Application Links:

Press Release

Land Use Policies & Financial Budget Overview

Code of Virginia - "Agricultural and Forestal District Act"

Adopted AFD Policy

AFD Application Ranking System


Application for the creation of or addition to agricultural/forestal districts.

Please note that §33.010 (Land Use Program) of the County Code was repealed on August 11, 2009.



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