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Northampton County is Open for Business


With a rich heritage in industry and agriculture, Northampton County is a place of exceptional balance between quality of life and economic opportunity in the new global economy. Its southern tip is home to globally significant natural habitat for shore life. Northampton is also a place where people, as far back as the early 1600s, have found prosperity and opportunity. Today its people are from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Its culture is hard working and thoughtful. People are interested in civic collaboration and a balanced growth to preserve the Shore's unique natural and historic attributes while developing economic opportunity.

50 Largest Employers (FY20 rank)

1. Northampton County Schools
2. County of Northampton
3. Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel
4. Heritage Hall
5. Food Lion
6. David's Nursery
7. Ballard Fish and Oyster Company Inc.
8. New Ravenna Acquisition LLC
9. Tankard Nurseries
10. Eastern Shore Rural Health System
11. Bay Creek Resort Llc
12. McDonald's
13. Broadwater Academy
14. Ballard Brothers Fish Company
15. Lfc Agricultural Services Inc
16. Royal Farms 79
17. Hardee's
18. Coastal Precast Systems
19. C & E Farms
20. Town of Cape Charles
21. J C Walker Brothers Inc
22. The Hungry Crab LLC
23. Postal Service
24. Pacific Tomato Growers Ltd
25. Aging Community Action
26. Burger King
27. Pay Admin LLC
28. Rayfield's Pharmacy
29. Exmore Diner, Inc.
30. Virginia Department of Conservation
31. Riverside Regional Medical Center
32. Town of Exmore
33. Cape Charles Brewing Company
34. Exxon Gas Station
35. Bagwell Enterprises Inc.
36. Barrett Business Services Inc
37. Cobb Heritage Llc
38. Rommels Ace Home Center
39. Wescoat Nurseries Inc
40. Bio Medical Applications
41. Bernies Conchs LLC
42. ESLM, Inc.
43. Hermitage Farms Nursery
44. Lfc Management Services Inc
45. Wendell Distributing Company
46. Cherrystone Creek, LLC
47. Gingernut LLC
48. Dominion Concrete Contract Inc.
49. Great Machipongo Clam Shack
50. Northampton Markets

Source: Virginia Employment Commission, Economic Information & Analytics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW), 2nd Quarter (April, May, June) 2020. 

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