Commissioner of Revenue

The Commissioner of the Revenue is a Constitutional Officer, elected by the citizenry, serving a four year term. Funding for the office is shared by the Commonwealth and the County.
The Commissioner's office is responsible for the discovery, identification, and the assessment of all taxable property, real and personal in the county. The Commissioner's office prepares the tax roles for submission to the County Treasurer for tax billing.

The Commissioner of the Revenue maintains all real estate records and ownership transfers by deeds and wills, and updates and corrections of tax maps as needed. This office visits and assesses all new construction, determines qualification for the use value taxation in Agricultural and Forestry Districts, Conservation and Preservation Easements, and administers: the Elderly and/or Handicapped, the Rehabilitated Structure Program, Fire Fighters Incentive Program, the Personal Property Tax Relief Act, Proration, the Food and Beverage Tax, the Transient Occupancy Tax, the Business, Professional and Occupation Tax, Bank franchise taxes, Disabled Veterans Tax Exemption. It also provides assistance to property owners, attorneys, realtors and surveyors.

Our Mission:

To serve the public by administering the tax laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia with integrity, efficiency and consistency. To instill the highest degree of public confidence in our integrity and reliability by providing prompt, accurate and courteous service while promoting compliance with the tax laws and setting our performance as the benchmark for local government service.

Department Staff Information

Consuelo Gonzalez
Commissioner of the Revenue

757-678-0446  ext. 508

[email protected]

Jessica Upshur

757-678-0446  ext. 502

[email protected]

R. Todd Simpson
Real Estate Appraiser

757-678-0446 ext. 503

[email protected]

Jennifer Ann Smith
Deputy Personal Property

757-678-0446 ext. 507

[email protected]

Maria Castaneda
Deputy Real Estate

757-678-0446 ext. 505

[email protected] 

Northampton County Commissioner of Revenue
PO Box 65
16404 Courthouse Road
Eastville, VA 23347

Hours of Operation
9 AM - 5 PM