Treasure of the Eastern Shore

Exmore Treasure of the Eastern Shore
Photo by Jean E. Flynn


Visit the official Town of Exmore website at  exmore.org ,  their Facebook page @townofexmore or the Visit Exmore website.

Downtown Exmore
A panoramic of the business district in downtown Exmore.  Photo by Jean E. Flynn


Nestled between Occohannock Creek to the east and Parting Creek to the west lies the stretch of the Delmarva Peninsula that is home to the Town of Exmore in the northernmost part of Northampton County, Virginia. 

Although not incorporated until 1950, Exmore’s history dates to the installation of the New York Pennsylvania-Norfolk Railroad, which chose the location now known as Exmore as its first stop. With the railroad, which began operating in 1884, Exmore grew into a bustling middle-of-the-peninsula center of commerce and social activity. 

John and Mary Cobb received a grant in in 1661 in the area that would become Exmore. The town of Exmore was created in 1884 – encompassing some of the Cobb’s original 600 acre land grant –and was designated as the first stop in Southampton County for the New York-Pennsylvania-Norfolk Railroad, which was began operations in October 25, 1884.

The railroad was centrally placed down the spine of Eastern Shore to carry produce from farms to the large consumer markets north in Philadelphia and New York City. Until the railroad was built, the
distance from water transportation had kept the area away from the kind of bustle that port towns experienced, but the advent of rail transportation not only created Exmore, but transformed the
community into a lively center of commerce for the Eastern Shore’s abundant produce and its burgeoning tourism industry on the barrier islands.

Automobile transport and a robust ferry system connecting across the Chesapeake Bay brought a second wave of prosperity, and by the 1950’s, downtown Exmore was the undisputed transportation
nexus for the entire Eastern Shore. Eight intercity bus stopped daily in Exmore’s downtown.

In 1964 the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel opened to traffic, allowing spontaneous and quick travel to the Eastern Shore, and providing a convenient short-cut for traffic traveling to northern destinations.
While it opened up land for development along its bypasses, including some that remains undeveloped in Exmore, the price was abandoned downtowns that took decades to recover.

Today Exmore boasts three commercial areas, solid – if aging - housing stock, an educated work force, and a populace that is optimistic about its progress and future. 

From the Town of Exmore Comprehensive Plan (2015) 

Take a self-guided walking tour of Exmore history: Exmore History Walking Tour


Town Hall 


Exmore Municipal Building
The Exmore Municipal Building. Photo by Jean E. Flynn

TOWN OF EXMORE Elected Officials

Election: November 8, 2022

MAYOR (4 Year Term) (Beginning January 1, 2023)

Douglas W. Greer, Sr
PO Box 1234
Exmore, Virginia 23350-1234


G. W. Adkins, III
PO Box 1016
Exmore, Virginia 23350-1016

T. Bradley Doughty
PO Box 131
Belle Haven VA 23306-0131

Bryon P. Heaster
PO Box 428
Exmore VA 23350-0428


Thomas R. Lewis
PO Box 242
Exmore VA 23350-0242

John C. "Coby" Metz
PO Box 385
Exmore VA 23350-0385

Chase E. Sturgis
11523 Westfield Ave
Exmore, VA 23350


Public Safety 

Exmore Police Department 

Exmore Police Department 

Address: 3305 Main St, Exmore, VA 23350
Phone: (757) 442-5405

Community Fire Company Station 13 

Exmore Community Fire Co

Station 13 Community Fire Co.
3356 Main ST Exmore , VA

Community Fire Co., Inc Facebook page 

Visit our Volunteer Fire and Rescue page for more information. 

Community Fire Co. Exmore Volunteer Now



Exmore Main St. businesses
A busy shopping day in downtown Exmore. Photo by Jean E. Flynn

Exmore has almost any service you can image within its two square miles; from personal care (beauty salons/barber shops) to pet care; from truck rentals and event rentals to dry cleaning and financial services; from dentistry and eye care to title insurance and tile installation. Come explore Exmore.  

Check out the Visit Exmore website for ideas on where to eat, stay, shop and play in Exmore. 

New Ravenna 

An internationally acclaimed business is in the heart of downtown Exmore. "New Ravenna custom stone and glass mosaics can be found in celebrity homes, restaurants, hotels, and corporate offices around the world. You can order New Ravenna through nearly 200 exclusive designer showrooms in the US and Internationally."  With over 100 employees, New Ravenna is the 7th largest employer in the County. 

Video courtesy of New Ravenna on Youtube. 



For a complete list of k-12 schools in Northampton, please see
Northampton County Public Schools


Occohannock Elementary School 


Home of the Stingrays
Address: 4208 Seaside Rd, Exmore, VA 23350
Phone: (757) 678-5151 


Safety, responsibility, respect, honesty, empathy, cooperation, integrity and perseverance.

Our Stingray community will be great leaders and life long learners.

Our mission is to reach and teach all children attending OES by establishing positive relationships, delivering high-quality instruction, and maintaining high expectations so that the community we serve enjoys the benefits of a well-educated population.

Shore Christian Academy 

Shore Christian Academy emblem

11624 Occohannock Rd
Exmore, VA 23350 
(757) 442-9791
Email: [email protected]
Shore Christian Academy website 

Shore Christian Academy, is a private, faith-based school serving students from the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

A small school making a big impact, Shore Christian Academy provides excellence in Christian education with students reading at 1.5 grade levels above their contemporaries.

The school’s challenging academic program is centered around the Abeka Curriculum and includes study in Bible, phonics, reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, health & PE, art and music. Cursive handwriting is also taught. Both students and parents will find Shore Christian Academy a safe, loving, nurturing, affordable and academically strong environment in which to learn. Class sizes are small with a 6:1 student/teacher ratio.

Broadwater Academy 

Broadwater Academy

Home of the Vikings

3500 Broadwater Road
PO Box 546
Exmore, VA 23350

Where Nature Meets Nurture

We are an independent Pre-Kindergarten-Grade 12 school on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, one of the most pristine ecosystems on the Atlantic coast. We are a small community of learners, leaders, and environmental stewards. Our students gain a foundation of critical thinking skills that prepares them to succeed at our nation’s best colleges and beyond. Our teachers provide a nurturing, safe environment that encourages every student to reach for their highest potential. 


Exmore Town Park 

Exmore Town Park 
Bushes are shaped to spell out EXMORE at the Town Park . Photo by Jean E. Flynn

The hub of Exmore . The Exmore Town Park is an ideal spot for weekend gatherings and family events; birthday parties, family reunions, corporate picnics and fundraisers.
Visit our Parks page for more information or the Calendar page to see events held at the park. 

Morley's Wharf 

Morley's Wharf Fishing Pier
Morley's Wharf Fishing Pier is owned and maintained by Northampton County. It is free to the public.
Photo credit: Jean E. Flynn

Morley’s Wharf has a large fishing pier, sanitary facilities, a floating dock and a floating/fixed combination dock. The Morley’s Wharf Fishing Pier is free and open to the public. A saltwater fishing license is not required to fish from the pier. The license fee is paid by Northampton County. 

The facility is handicapped accessible and meets current ADA standards. Also, two double-wide boat ramps and a small paved parking lot are at this location. There is no fee to use this facility. The pier is open 24 hours. 

For more information see our Fishing Piers or Boat Ramp pages. 

Public bike Repair Station 

Tools for Bike Repair

Exmore has a Bike Fitting Station located at the entrance to the Exmore Town Park. Installed courtesy of Northampton County and funded through a NH County Tourism Infrastructure Grant, the station is equipped with a bike mounting seat, a bike pump, and a set of tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, tire levers, and hex keys) to make repairs easy and convenient. It's also ADA compliant. 

To learn about using the bike repair station visit, our Public-Use Bike Repair Station page.

Little Free Library

Ellis and Caroline Dukes  built the Little Free Library in Exmore. It's located outside the Town Hall.  The rules are simple: take book, leave a book. Thank you Ellis and Caroline! It's beautiful.  

Lil Free Library in Exmore Lil Free Library Makers the Dukes
Little Free Library Photos courtesy of Town of Exmore 

For more information about Little Free Libraries in Northampton County, please visit our Free Education page. 

There is also a Blessing Box in Exmore located on Westfield Ave, two blocks behind New Ravenna.  A Blessing Box is where people leave donated goods for others to pick up anonymously.  Neighbors fill them with items that will help those in need—everything from non-perishable food to toiletries. 

Free Wifi 

Exmore Town Park: 3386 Main St, Exmore, VA