Address Assignment

Pinned mapIf you want to locate property, find your parcel ID number or find ownership of property go to the Commissioner of Revenue's office.
The Commissioner of Revenue will have records of property back to June 1997 then all records from before June 1997 are recorded with Clerk of Court.
They also have recorded plats which can be looked up on the computer to help you find property owners.

GIS Maps are general property maps.
Plat maps are very specific and are properties that have been surveyed. These are legally recorded with the Clerk of Court who also has copies of the deed. 

If you want to do something with the property, for instance build a new house,  go to Planning, Permitting and Enforcement.
If an address is needed for new house construction, the Building and Planning Department work together to provide the new address.

Coordinates of the property will be taken by the  Building Official. Those coordinates are passed on to the Senior Planner who then assigns the new address.

Usually, new site construction will automatically trigger the process of assigning a new address. For questions concerning address assignment or to apply for an address please contact the Planning, Permitting and Enforcement Department. 

Rural Mailboxes

Department Staff Information

Susan McGhee

757-678-0443 ext. 541

Zoning Administrator

757-678-0443 ext. 545

John Outten
Building Official

757-678-0445 ext. 525

Kelley Lewis Parks
Planner/GIS Specialist 

757-678-0443 ext. 546

Tom Rippon
Code Compliance and Building Inspector

757-678-0445 ext. 526

Beth Nunnally 
Development Inspector

757-678-0443 ext. 542

Katie Spady 
Environmental Specialist

757-678-0443 ext. 544

Jennifer Sayers 
Permit Technician

 757-678-0445 ext. 543

Carmen Warner
Office Coordinator

757-678-0443 ext. 524

Department of Planning, Permitting & Enforcement
PO Box 538
16404 Courthouse Road
Eastville, VA 23347

Hours of Operation
9 AM - 5 PM