Assistance Programs

Auxiliary Grants

Some people who live in an adult care residence or an adult family care home can receive money from the Auxiliary Grant Program. The money received, plus other income is used by the person to pay for the care provided by the home. Individuals who receive money from this program are also eligible for medicaid.
To be eligible, a person must:

  • Be 65 or older, blind or disabled
  • Have countable resources of less than $2,000 for one person, $3,000 for a couple
  • Have countable income that is less than the approved rate for the home plus an allowance for personal items
  • File an application in the locality where the person lived prior to entering the adult care residence or adult family-care home
  • Have been assessed and determined to need care in an adult care residence or an adult family placement

For additional information about the Auxiliary Grant Program see:
Virginia Department of Social Services

Child Support

The Department of Social Services' Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) provides direct services related to the collection of child support.
Services available to you through DCSE are:

  • Locating the non-custodial parent
  • Legally establishing the father of a child (paternity)
  • Establishing and enforcing support orders
  • Working with other states when either parent does not live in Virginia

The customer service number for DCSE is 1-877-822-4547. Additional information about the services that they provide may be found at Division of Child Support Enforcement.

Energy Assistance Program

The Northampton County Department of Social Services administers programs to help with heating or cooling costs throughout the year for income eligible households.

The Crisis Assistance Program is intended to meet a household's emergency heating need, when no other resource is available. Starting from November 1 through March 15 applications are accepted to help with repair or replacement of heating equipment, a one time only security deposit, and/or emergency shelter. Applications for payment of heat utility bills or the purchase of home heating fuel are accepted beginning the first work day in January.

The Energy Share Program provides one payment per eligible family to keep or restore their heat per heating season.

The Cooling Assistance Program provides purchases or repair of cooling equipment and/or payment for electricity to operate cooling equipment. To be eligible a household must be income eligible and contain at least one vulnerable individual who is age 60 or over, disabled, or under the age of 6.

Applications can be requested by contacting the Energy Assistance Office at (804) 717-6825 or online at Energy Assistance Program

SNAP (Food Stamps)

The Food Stamp program is designed to promote better nutrition for low-income families by increasing their food purchasing power. If you live in Northampton County, you would apply at our office. Applications are available at our office during regular office hours, or we will mail an application to you the day of your request. Applications may also be downloaded  or made online the Virginia Department of Social Services Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. 

Each application is screened for entitlement to emergency service. If your application is screened as an emergency, eligibility will be determined within seven days.

Regular processing is thirty days from the date of application.

Eligibility for Food Stamps and the amount of the allotment varies according to the number of eligible household members, income, resources, deductions, and other eligibility factors.

Food Stamp allotments are based on the date that the agency receives your application. If you think you may be eligible, you should file your application immediately.

For more detailed information about eligibility requirements see:

Virginia Department of Social Services Benefits Verification Requirements

United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Programs


The Medicaid program helps certain groups of low-income people with payments for health and medical care. The local Social Service agency in the county where you live takes applications and determines eligibility. The Department of Medical Assistance Services pays the bills to providers.

Medicaid is divided into three basic programs: Families and Children; Aged, Blind and Disabled; and Long Term Care.

Medicaid is different from Medicare. Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people who are age 65 or older or disabled. It is administered by the Social Security Administration.

FAMIS is a Health Insurance Program for uninsured children under age 19. You may request FAMIS by calling the FAMIS Central Operation Center, at
1-855-242-8282, or by submitting the FAMIS/Medicaid application to your local Social Service Department.

Additional information about Medicaid, FAMIS, and medicare may be found at:

Virginia Department of Social Services
Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services
Department of Medical Assistance Services
Social Security Administration

Refugee Assistance

There are two Refugee programs: The Refugee Other Program that provides cash assistance and The Refugee Medicaid Other Program that provides medical assistance.
To be eligible for either program, an individual must:

  • Have been in the United States less than eight months
  • Be an entrant, a refugee, a child living with a refugee parent(s) or an Amerasian; and
  • Have countable income and resources within specific limits

If eligible, assistance in this program is only available the first 8 months in the United States.
If you need more information on Refugee Assistance see:

Virginia Department of Social Services Refugee Services

General Relief

General Relief provides limited financial assistance to individuals and families. General Relief is a local program, and the kinds of assistance vary from agency to agency. In Northampton County, assistance is provided in the following areas:

General Relief Maintenance: For those who are temporarily unable to work due to physical or a mental disability. This component provides a monthly maintenance payment as well as allows for $30 per month for doctor’s visit and $30 per month toward prescription cost.

General Relief Interim: For those who are permanently disabled and are awaiting a disability decision from the Social Security Administration.

Applicants must meet income and resource requirements. If you are eligible for TANF or SSI, you are usually not eligible for General Relief.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

TANF is a program that provides temporary financial assistance to eligible families and children. The family receives a monthly cash payment to meet their basic needs. To be eligible, a family must be financially needy and must meet certain other requirements.
Most able-bodied adult TANF recipients are required to participate in the Virginia Initiative for Employment Not Welfare (View) program. View is the work program that requires able-bodied parents to work. A family taking part in View will receive help in finding a job. They may also receive help with child day care costs and transportation. A recipient may still get a TANF check even if they are working. A family who has someone in the View program may receive TANF for no longer than 24 months followed by a period of ineligibility.
An applicant must cooperate in naming the parents of all eligible children and must help establish paternity for each of them.

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