Bee Swarms

Bee Swarms
Posted on 05/20/2024

Warmer weather and flowering trees,
Signal a time for the swarming of bees.
If you see an odd teardrop in the trees,

Bee swarm teardrop

Don't exterminate! Call a keeper of bees. 

Beekeeper checks the hives

For more information about contacting a beekeeper who can safely catch the swarm, visit our Animal Control page or visit the Beekeepers Guild of the Eastern Shore which maintains a list of available beekeepers. 

No need to worry if you do see a swarm, the bees are usually not aggressive. The bees have filled up on honey before they left their old home. They are resting and waiting for scouts to find a new location that will please their Queen.  Let them BEE! 

Beehive among the dandelions
A beehive is hidden among the trees. A honey bee pollinates the dandelions. Photo credit: Jean E. Flynn 

Jean Flynn
Website Content Coordinator
Northampton County, VA

(Jean Flynn was also a founding member of the Beekeepers Guild of the Eastern Shore and a has successfully caught wild swarms of honeybees.. She's been a beekeeper for 12 years.)