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First look at the District Map to determine your voting district. Then look up your Polling Place. Still need help? Call the Voter Registration office at 757-678-0480. 

Important Dates for the March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary


Jan 19: In-person absentee voting begins in the Voter Registration Office in Eastville

Feb. 12: Last day to register or change voting information before the March 5th, 2024, Presidential Primary

Feb 13: Books closed/ Same Day Registration Begins

Feb 23: Last day to request a mailed absentee ballot

Feb 24: Open Saturday for absentee voting from 9 AM - 5 PM

March 2:
Open Saturday for absentee voting from 9 AM - 5 PM / Last day to vote absentee in person


In Person

In person absentee voting will begin on September 22nd, 2023, and run for 45 days in the Voter Registration Office, Rm 135, at the County Complex in Eastville. Voting is open from 9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday, and we will also be open on the two Saturdays before the election, October 28, and November 4th from 9 am - 5 pm as well. Please bring a valid ID to vote.

In order to better serve our voters, we offer curb-side voting during in person absentee voting. Simply pull into the handicapped space in front of the office that is marked for curb side voting and alert the staff by either calling (678-0480) or coming into the office. You will be asked to bring in the ID of the curb side voter in the car, and then a voting assistant will bring out the voting package for the voter.

By Mail

Absentee by mail voting begins on September 22nd as well. You may request a mailed ballot at any time from now until October 27th. You can go to the Department of Elections website to apply for a ballot, or contact the office to request that we send you an application for a ballot. Here is a fillable pdf that you can fill out and submit by either email or regular mail.

We will be using the same processes for absentee by mail that we have in the last elections: you will need a witness for your ballot; postage is pre-paid for the return envelope; and if you make any mistakes with your ballot, we will help you ‘cure’ your mistake so your ballot can be counted.

Northampton does not use ballot drop off boxes. Instead voters can return their ballots in person at the Voter Registration Office during normal business hours, and at their polling place on Election Day.


Northampton County Political Sign Policy


While Northampton County recognizes that political signs are a free speech issue, it must balance that with remaining politically neutral and not appearing to favor one candidate or political party over another. Therefore, all political signage must adhere to the following considerations or they will be removed by the Voter Registration staff.

• All signs can only be displayed while there is in person absentee voting happening in the Voter Registration Office. In person voting hours run Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm beginning September 22, 2023, and ending Saturday November 4th. We are also open the last two Saturdays before the Election, October 28th and November 4th from 9am to 5pm.

People putting signs up will need to come into the office and give the Registrar their contact information. This new policy will help us ensure the signs are removed by 5 PM.

• All signs must be placed on the lawn in front of the Voter Registration Office, to the left side of the sidewalk if one were standing facing the building, (the side of the lawn with the crepe myrtle trees). The lawn to the right side of the sidewalk is private property, and signs are not permitted.

• All signs and other political activity must be outside the marked 40’ line, and cannot interfere or hinder members of the public using the sidewalk.

• Voter Registration staff will remove any signs that use vulgar, obscene or offensive language and/ or graphics.

• In the past, some voters or visitors to the County have helped themselves to signs. Voter Registration staff is not responsible for any lost or damaged signs or campaign materials. We are only responsible for removing signs/ campaign materials that are left up after 5 pm.

• Space for political activity on the lawn is first come, first served. Voter Registration Staff has no say if there are more signs for one candidate/ party than the other.

Department Staff Information

Terrence P. Flynn
General Registrar

Liz Smith
Assistant Registrar

Voter Registration
16404 Courthouse Rd
PO Box 510
Eastville VA 23347

Phone: 757-678-0480
Fax: 757-678-0453

[email protected]