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As we are in the land of history it’s fitting that there are several historic places to delve into. We begin with the Historic Court Green in Eastville, home of the oldest continuous court records in the United States.

Other sites we'll cover are:

  • Custis Tombs at Arlington Plantation along Old Plantation Creek is the historical home site of John Custis II and his grandson John Custis IV.  The Custis name is important because years later, the Custis women married George Washington and Robert E. Lee. 
  • The Barrier Islands Center in Machipongo, Virginia is rich in history of the families who once called the barrier islands home. They had a unique way of life living off the land and water and depending on each other. No one lives on the barrier islands anymore. The islands are now owned and protected by The Nature Conservancy. 
  • Eyre Hall Gardens owned by the Eyre family since 1668. The property is one of the state's best preserved colonial homes with gardens among the oldest in the United States.  The parterre gardens are open to visitors year round. 

Historical Places on the Eastern Shore of VA



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Historic Court Green Eastville
Photo Credit: Jean E. Flynn
Historic Court Green Eastville, VA


Cape Charles Museum
Photo Credit: William Dyas
Cape Charles Museum and Welcome Center displaying the history of the railroad and the Rosenwald School. 


Eyre Hall Gardens
Eyre Hall Gardens, one of the oldest in the United States, is open to the public year round.